P-Cal Lands a Full Page in the SF Chronicle

The Periodic Calendar’s debut in the printed press has manifested in the form of a full page feature in the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Super Bowl Sunday Style section!

P-Cal in the SF Chron sm

I had a great talk with reporter Patricia Yollin after the Electric Works’ presentation, and though I stole a little of the spotlight with mentions of my other exploits, P-Cal was the star of the show!

From the article:

Joey Sellers has been obsessed with time for as long as he can remember. Now he has created something he considers timeless: the Periodic Calendar.

“This is the last calendar you’ll ever need,” Sellers said.

He could be right. Modeled on the familiar Periodic Table of Elements, Sellers’ colorful invention has rewired the Gregorian calendar. It attempts to look at the fourth dimension in a new way and strays far afield from a conventional calendar.

For starters, there are seven types of years, categorized according to which day of the week they begin. Year types repeat in a 400-year pattern, and days of the month are represented by Gregorian isotopes.

“It’s a perpetual calendar,” Sellers said. “We have the rest of our lives to figure it out.”

Even if it leads to perpetual confusion, that shouldn’t matter, according to Sellers. “It’s awesome to look at,” he said in a video. “Whether you use it or not, it’s going to look good on the wall 365 days a year. Sometimes even 366.”

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